Tie Dye Roses

Tie-Dying roses is a beautiful job, and not only the end result is beautiful, but you also see the magic of the process as the colors enter the petals. You can either give them to someone as a gift, or keep them for display in your home.

Decorating with Tie Dye Roses is really a creative task to do. It is easy and loved ones, they will adore you for this. If you have already done some sort of tie-dying, this time, you are going to learn how to do the same with roses. Yes, you read it right, Tie Dye Roses! Food colors can be used for the task and the roses will become all the more beautiful with it. This is a simple task and you will be amazed with the results. You will see roses turning from white to red, then to blue and so on. Not only can you give them to someone as a gift, but you can also perform this task to show some magic to your children, or simply to put some more beauty into your homeTie-Dye-Roses-1-150x150

Materials you will need to tie dye the Roses:

•    Some White Roses (Which You are going to Dye)

•    A Pair of Scissors

•    Popsicle Mold (Tie-Dye Vessel)

•    Food Colors

•    Blade or a Sharp Knife

If you do not have a Popsicle mold and you are doing this experiment for the first time, you can also use champagne glasses, but be sure that you have at least two pairs of them as you’ll need to dye at least two flowers.

Step One: Trim the Rose Stems

First of all, you will need to trim the roses stem so that they adjust with the height of the Popsicle mold. If they are already in correspondence with each other, you are already one step ahead. But In case they are not, trim them carefully using the knife or razor blade. Once you have done this, it is the time to spit the roses stems into two halves, vertically. But make sure that you do not cut down the rose itself; stop at about one inch distance from the rose petals. Be sure to use a sharp knife or blade for this, as the woody stem of the rose might be difficult to tackle.

Step Two: Dip the Stems in Dye Color

In the Popsicle mold, put the mixture of food color and water and be sure it is mixed properly. You can put different colors in different Popsicle receptacles, if you want a multi colored rose at the end. Put the split stems of the roses into the molds now. You can put different stems in different Popsicle receptacles.

Very soon, the colored water will start to rise up from the stems of the roses. This will happen after around 30 minutes. So, do not hurry.  Wait patiently and the rose will start to transform.

Step Three: Just Watch

You do not need to actually do anything in this step rather than just sitting back on your chair and enjoying the colorful moment. Slowly and gradually, the color would rise up to the petals. You can stop the process by pulling out the rose when you feel that enough color has been put on the rose petals. The more the roses stay in colored water, the more colorful they will become .

You can also split the stem of the roses into more than two parts if your blade is sharp enough, and you are sure that you will be able to do that accurately, but make sure not to cut yourself. After around three hours, you will see amazing colors in flowers. It is advisable to experiment with two roses at once as you may not be able to tie-dye roses properly in the first attempt. But, after one or two trials, you will become an expert at it.


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